Ambitious by nature, from an early age Karl Sandoval was encouraged by mentors to learn all that he could about the construction of objects. Whether he was working with wood, metal, or a variety of materials; he had little difficulty diving into challenging projects better suited for more experienced craftsmen.




Stemming from humble beginnings and being a product of the 50’s and 60’s, Karl was no stranger to hard work. He developed skills and grew resourceful, always finding ways to acquire all he desired. Mowing lawns, taking a paper route, recycling and bartending were just a few of the things that helped propel him to achieve his passions.



According to Karl, his start in becoming a Master luthier began in a classroom.

“In high school, I chose mechanical drafting, woodshop, and metal shop as electives. It was here I was introduced to a variety of woodworking hand tools and machinery I would eventually come to utilize throughout my career. These classes fueled my interests and awakened in me a creativity and appreciation for design. I succeeded in these classes; excelling with the more difficult and complex projects, all while always challenging my creativity.” It was this humble beginning that paved the road to where Karl Sandoval is today.